Zach Chalmers

Zach Chalmers

Meet ATMS undergraduate Zach Chalmers. He is a Senior from Philo, IL.


What research project are you currently working on? What new skills have you gained from this research opportunity? 

I'm currently working with Dr. Jeff Trapp on developing a Python tool that can detect occurrences of strong winds in thunderstorms.  I also began a project as part of the NOAA Hollings program over the summer with the National Weather Service WFO (MHX) in Newport, NC, and we are continuing with this project this fall.  We created a predictive index for waterspouts in eastern North Carolina and implemented it into a spreadsheet to be used operationally by MHX forecasters.  Currently, we're working on testing and improving the performance of our index.

Tell us about your favorite experience so far at the University, and within the Department:

Going on the storm chasing trip with Dr. Jeff Frame during the summer of 2019 and working with the DOWs as part of class projects with Dr. Jeff Trapp (ATMS 314) and Dr. Bob Rauber (ATMS 410).

What activities and hobbies do you have outside of school?

Reading and watching hockey and soccer.