Kaylee Heimes

Bob Rauber and Kaylee Heimes looking at weather radar data

Meet ATMS undergraduate Kaylee Heimes. She’s a sophomore from Quakertown, PA.  Kaylee is a member of the University of Illinois swimming and diving team. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and creek exploring, and of course, watching the current weather! In early summer 2019, she realized her dream of seeing multiple supercells and a tornado during ATMS 324 (Field Studies of Convection).  

Kaylee is also an undergraduate research assistant. She’s currently working with Prof. Bob Rauber on a research project investigating updrafts in the orographic clouds that occur over the Payette Mountains. Specifically, she’s been using Python programs to analyze Doppler radar and radiosonde data collected during the SNOWIE field campaign. Recently, she presented some of her results at the American Meteorology Society’s Conference on Weather Modification in Boston, MA, and received a runner-up award for best student presentation!