Converging on Solutions to Plan Sustainable Cities

Conceptual framework, Figure 2 from Wuebbles et al. (2021, EOS)

As described by Prof. Don Wuebbles and colleagues in the January 2021 issue of EOS:  Cities and urban areas already experience many different stresses, but now face additional stresses from ongoing and projected climate change. Many cities, including Barcelona, Chicago, New York, Paris, and Seattle, are attempting to increase sustainability through climate action plans that map out steps to reduce emissions. However, there is a need to connect sustainability science more fully with efforts to address equity and justice issues and with the many sectors that make up urban environs. Investments in multidisciplinary and multistakeholder convergent research can guide urban innovations and advance sustainability on multiple fronts, both locally and globally. Together we can close the gaps between the diagnosis of climate-related urban challenges and the identification and implementation of appropriate solutions and partnerships that account for community concerns about health and equity and that are needed to ensure more sustainable food, energy, and water futures for our cities.  For more, see: