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Cristian Proistosescu

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Contact Information

1301 West Green Street
M/C 104
Urbana, IL 61801
Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, 2017
B.A., Physics, Princeton University, 2009

Research Interests

  • coupled atmosphere-ocean dynamics
  • climate sensitivity, clouds and radiative feedbacks.
  • stochastic climate variability & climate extremes
  • palaeoclimate
  • statistical inference and machine learning in earth sciences

Courses Taught

ATMS 140 - Climate and Global Change

ATMS 507 - Climate Dynamics

GEOL 593/ATMS 597 - Statistical Inference and Machine Learning for Earth Sciences

Additional Campus Affiliations

Department of Geology

Highlighted Publications

  • Full Publication list
  • Sherwood, S. C., Webb, M. J.  et al. (2020). An assessment of Earth's climate sensitivity using multiple lines of evidence. Reviews of Geophysics, 58,e2019RG000678. 
  • Dong, Y., C. Proistosescu, K.C. Armour, D.S. Battisti (2019): Attributing historical and future evolution of radiative feedbacks to regional warming patterns using a Green’s function approach: The preeminence of the west Pacific. Journal of Climate. (pdf)
  • Proistosescu, C., A. Donohoe, K. C. Armour, M. F. Stuecker, G. H. Roe, C. M. Bitz (2018): Radiative feedbacks from stochastic variability in surface temperature and radiative imbalance. Geophysical Research Letters(pdf) (EOS highlight)
  • Proistosescu, C., P. Huybers (2017): Slow Mode Reconciles Estimates of Climate Sensitivity from Models and Observations. Science Advances. (pdf)