Spring, 2019
Fortran Language info
ATMS 502 / CSE 566
Numerical fluid dynamics
This page serves as a resource for Fortran on the web.
If you find other links that you think would benefit your fellow students, please contact me.

Links here still need updating.
The following will be passed out during our Fortran/C review:
  1. Fortran & C Review for 502/566
  2. Fortran 90 Reference Card; from here
  3. Quick Guide to Fortran 90 (not handed out but may be of interest)
  1. Free ebook:  Introduction to programming with Fortran (Chivers and Sleightholme, 2015)
  2. Free ebook:  Introduction to modern Fortran for the earth system sciences (Chirila and Lohmann, 2015)
  3. Free ebook:  Introduction to Programming with Fortran (2005)
    • The above books above are available Free as ebooks @ UI library; also, grayscale hardcopy available for $25.
  4. Purchase for under $5 used:  Fortran, 5th edition update (Koffman and Friedman)
Tutorials and other useful descriptions of Fortran:
  1. Modern programming languages: Fortran 90/95/2003/2008, Lars Koesterke, Texas Advanced Computing Center
  2. More tutorials:  Fortran 90 (C.K. Shene, Michigan Tech); GNU Fortran; More tutorials are listed here.
  3. Fortran subroutines and functions (University of Washington); also this (Michigan Tech. University)
  4. Fortran FAQ
Reference guides:
  1. Intel Fortran Language Reference (strange name "6386" - it IS a safe PDF from Intel!)
  2. FortX3J3 - from Fortran.com
  3. Compiler and tools tricks
  4. Wikipedia entry