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Temperature (including Large version)


The Temperature program allows students to view a microscopic piece of dry air and manipulate it's temperature to see how the molecules act. The large version is identical to the original in function, but is drawn in an 800x600 pixel size frame for whole-class viewing.

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The primary objective is to discover the relationship between the average speed of the molecules and their temperature as well as noticing that not all molecules have the same speed at any given temperature. A secondary objective is to use the graphing tool to graph the temperature - speed distribution.




The theory behind the Temperature tool can be found in the parcel controlling class ParcelSet*


See ParcelSet*


See ParcelSet*


See ParcelSet*



Running the Program

  • Click the button labeled 'Temp' (or 'Temp800').
  • Change temperature by sliding the scrollbar.
  • Start and Stop the molecules by clicking the appropriate button.
  • Enable the Graphing Tool by click the appropriate button.
  • View the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution by allowing the program to run in motion for a few seconds.
  • Changing the temperature will temporarily remove the distribution graph while the molecules start to become equilibrated.

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