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The RadSat application is a two-panel satellite / radar image viewer with annotation capability.

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The primary objective of the RadSat application is to allow students to take a general product (such as satellite images) and view/compare/annotate variations of that product (IR, visible, etc.) to learn the nuances and differences between them.




Nothing new from the Contouring application, but an extra piece of code to retrieve IR colors for temperature, and a right click drag to pan the image around. The 2-panel view can isolate each panel into a full-screen and back.


IR Temperature retrieval works on the image, not the data. This means that the black found in state/country boundaries will be interpreted is as abnormally warm. Also, there is a potential that the program that generates the satellite images may slightly alter the colors, causing up to about a 3-5 degree error.


1) IR Temp retrieval
The IR satellite's color-to-temperature relationship is represented by two linear functions:
One for a brightness value of 176 and less, and one for more than 176.
If the brightness value > 176, the temperature in Celsius = 418 - the brightness value.
Otherwise, the temperature in Celsius = 330 - (the brightness value / 2)





Running the Program

  • Click the button labeled 'RadSat'.
  • Change slides by changing the appropriate pulldown menu.
  • Save current side + annotations by clicking save.
  • Changing slides will not result in the loss of annotations..

Extra Knowledge

Note Assumptions above


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