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The Fronts program allows the user to look at a surface map contoured with isotherms and annotate frontal features. These features include: warm front, cold front, dry line, and a low pressure symbol.

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The primary objective of the Fronts program is to give students practical experience in identifying fronts from surface data.




The drawing commands are similar to that found in Contour.









Running the Program

  • Click the link for Fronts.
  • Change the desired annotation item by choosing it from the pulldown menu.
  • To place the low pressure symbol, select Low Pressure symbol from the pulldown menu. An "L" will appear at the bottom right of the map. Use the mouse to click and drag the symbol to the desired location. It can be moved to a new location after the initial placement.
  • Color coded lines can be drawn to indicate frontal positions. Frontal symbols are not drawn on the lines. Front options include
    • cold front = blue
    • warm front = red
    • dry line = brown
    • occluded front = purple
  • Clicking Clear Current Item(s) will erase the item currently listed in the pulldown menu.
  • Clicking Clear All erases absolutely everything
  • The map with annotations can by saved by clicking the Save button.

Extra Knowledge

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