Degree Requirements

Department Requirements

Minimum hours required for minor: 18 hours.

 Code  Title  Hours

Choose from
the following:

ATMS 100 Introduction to Meterology


ATMS 120 Severe and Hazardous Weather  
ATMS 140 Climate and Global Change  
ATMS 201 General Physical Meteorology  
Choose from
the following:
300- and 400-level courses from the approved
course list. Please see the Atmospheric Sciences
advisor for a current list.
Total Hours   18

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  • 120 credits must be completed in no more than 5 years (10 fall/spring semesters)
  • 60 credits must be taken on the UI Urbana Campus (called the “residency requirement”)
  • 21 credits of advanced courses (300 and 400 level) must be taken on UI campus
  • 12 credits of advanced course in major must be taken on UI campus
  • 30 general education credits must be earned (LAS requirements are more specific - see below)


  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    2.0 GPA overall (LAS will consider exceptions if Department proposes them in individual cases)
    2.0 GPA in classes required for major
  • LAS 101 Freshman Seminar
    Freshmen in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must enroll in this course in their first semester.
  • Composition requirement
    Composition I
    (1 course required, must be completed freshman year)
  • Advanced Composition
    (1 course required)
  • Foreign Language requirements
    Before graduation, a student must satisfactorily complete two years of college study, or four years of high school courses, in a single non-primary language. If the student completed three years of a single non-primary language in high school, he/she may either (a) continue studying that language and complete the fourth-semester course or (b) begin another language and complete the third-semester course.


(30 hours)

  • Humanities and Arts
    6 credit hours required (2 courses)
    Can come from any combination of HP (Historical and Philosophical Perspectives) and LA (Literature and the Arts) courses
  • Social and Behavioral Science
    6 credit hours required (2 courses)
    Can come from any combination of SS (Social Science) and BS (Behavioral Science) courses
  • Natural Sciences and Technology
    6 credit hours required (2 courses)
    Can come from any combination of LS (Life Science) and PS (Physical Science) courses
  • Western Cultures
    1 course
  • Non-Western Cultures
  • 1 course
  • U.S. Minority Cultures
    1 course
  • Quantitative Reasoning I
    1 course
  • Quantitative Reasoning II
    1 course