Computational Science and Engineering certificate for Atmospheric Sciences Undergraduate Students

The Computational Science and Engineering certificate program is designed to provide ATMS undergraduate students an opportunity to develop a solid base in problem solving using computation as a major tool for modeling challenging problems in science and engineering.

This option is only available to students currently enrolled in the ATMS undergraduate degree program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The program is designed so that students can fit it within the required courses in the student’s home department, without the need of taking any additional hours that are distinct from already-required coursework. To receive a certificate in “Computational Science and Engineering”, students must complete the required courses listed below. The Application courses are strongly recommended to be in the student’s primary field of study. The minimum coursework required is 12 hours and this fulfills the prerequisite for a CSE certification.



Course number



 ATMS 305, CS 101, or equivalent


Scientific computing

 CS 357 or TAM 470


Core Application Coursework (minimum of two)

ATMS 411, ATMS 420, ATMS 421, ATMS 425, ATMS 490* or any 400- level CSE course listed here

 6 (minimum)

* ATMS 490 (Independent Study) may be used to fulfill the required application course. Engaging in undergraduate research helps hone both personal and professional growth and advancement by developing research skills and experiences that are in demand by both graduate schools and employers. The main requirement is that the course applies the computational skills gained to solve real problems. Experimental research is also encouraged but the research must comprise sufficient computational work. In order for ATMS 490 to fulfill the certification requirement, the proposed research must be approved by the CSE steering committee representative of the ATMS department** or by one of the CSE affiliated Atmospheric Sciences faculty listed on the Computational Science and Engineering website.
** List of Steering Committee Representatives