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The Climate and Meteorological Association of Students (CliMAS) consists of five elected graduate students within the Department of Atmospheric Sciences who serve as officers for one academic year with the primary goal of bringing students and faculty together to improve all aspects of the graduate student experience. To this end, we organize social events, participate in faculty meetings, give input concerning graduate affairs, and select a students' choice seminar speaker every semester. Read our Constitution and Bylaws for more details about CliMAS procedures.

Some of the events CliMAS coordinates throughout the year include a Fall BBQ, monthly payday lunches, a department picnic each semester, and a Holiday party in December - check out our recent events here!

CliMAs also works closely with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to help further the Department Strategic Plan which seeks to “foster the value of a diverse and inclusive academic department by increasing underrepresented groups within our student body and faculty.” In particular, CliMAS worked with faculty to create our Graduate Ambassador program which acts as a resource for prospective graduate students.

We also maintain a list of resources for current graduate students: check it out here!

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2022-2023 CliMAS Officers:

  • President: Melinda Berman
    • Oversees and coordinates all CliMAS activities
    • Leads board meetings
    • Manages responsibilities of board members
    • Maintains CliMAS materials
  • Vice President: Mckenzie Peters
    • Coordinates new student mentoring program
    • Serves as CliMAS representative at faculty meetings
  • Treasurer: Sam Frederick
    • Collects and manages student dues and CliMAS finances
    • Assists coordinating social events
  • Secretary: Joseph Nied
    • Maintains CliMAS materials
    • Maintains CliMAS website and email
    • Assists coordinating social events
  • DEI Liaison: Melinda Berman 
    • Coordinates international buddy program
    • Organizes international-focused events
    • Assists coordinating social events
  • New Student Liaison: Jackie Sepulveda
    • Reports and manages new students’ concerns to CliMAS board
    • Help new students' transition to graduate school
    • Assists coordinating social events